Customized Binders for a Better Brand Experience

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Importance of Branding for Businesses
A brand's identity is its personality that serves to differentiate a business and distinguish it from its competitors. Not only will branding successfully create an identity for a company that will make it more appealing in comparison to the competition, it will also convince consumers that in a sea of prospects, there is only one business capable of satisfying needs. Branding may consist of any combination of the following that will set apart one company from another:
  • Name
  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Sign
  • Design.
Branding is the visual voice of the company and should be consistent to be recognizable across many mediums. To build a brand, the business must determine the message they want to convey and the audience that the message is intended for. Ultimately, a brand motivates people to buy a product or use a service.
Differentiate a Brand with Creative Solutions
Having an online presence is important for a company's overall image, but branding offline is also essential. High quality customized binders can help a brand get noticed. Branded company binders can be used for many purposes but some suggested uses include:
  • Media events
  • Conferences
  • Sales presentations
  • Record keeping.
Available in many sizes, colours, textures and finishes, specialty binders can be created to suit any company's needs. Some options for customization are:
  • Vinyl – versatile, durable and cost effective, vinyl binders have many uses and can have pockets of any size added for things like business cards.
  • Poly – are a popular choice for manuals and training materials since poly substance is rigid, durable and waterproof and can withstand extreme weather, spills and the test of time. Poly binders have a wide range of special features that can be added like pockets, buckles, snaps and handles.
  • Casemade – materials include leather and woven fabrics to give your presentation binders a hand crafted look and a touch of class. Tailor a casemade binder by using screen printing, foil stamping and digital prints. Casemade binders can also be enhanced with business card holders, pockets and CD/DVD holders.
  • Eco-friendly – made with environmentally sound materials that are fully recyclable, these are a fantastic binder choice. With more companies going green, eco binders are a great way for a company to demonstrate its commitment to the planet.
    One of the biggest advantages of binders is that it is not a bound document and pages can be easily changed out if materials need to be updated. Customized binders create a favourable impression of a company's message and are an invaluable tool to share company history, display products and communicate about company services to clients and customers.
Customized Binders Give a Company a Competitive Edge
Custom binders are one of the most versatile organizational tools that can boost a company's image. The possibilities are endless for different combinations of truly unique binder types that will give your business curb appeal. Not only will customized binders clearly communicate the company's message to a large audience, there are many ways they can be used to grab the attention of the target market.